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March 19, 2018
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Idaho is by far one of the most beautiful states in the US. It is a perfect place for both adventure and relaxation, depending on what you are seeking. Idaho is also the ideal state for campers, having almost 600 camping spots; it is indeed a camper's paradise.

However, it due to a vast number of places a lot of people have trouble with selecting their perfect camping spot. That being said, this article narrowed 600 spots to only five spots, the best of the best.

  1. Black Rock

Black Rock is one of the most notable camping spots in Idaho, and not without reason. It is relatively close to Idaho City (but not too close), laying on the North Fork Boise River. Due to its adjacency to the river, the campground is excellent for fishing (rainbow trout being the most popular fish) and swimming.

The Black Rock has a lot of camping sites, but there is a downside to all this: due to its popularity, camping sites offer little to no privacy, though the traffic fluctuates depending on the seasonal period you decide to visit. The good thing is that each campsite is equipped with a picnic desk and campfire ring. The campgrounds also have toilets, drinkable water, and trash cans. And Black Rock is not expensive, charging only $15.00 per day.


  1. Sawtooth Soul

Sawtooth Soul is one of the most popular camping spots in Idaho, covering 3.5 acres along the river. Sawtooth Soul is easily accessible and allows vans, cars, RV's, trailers, etc. Feel free to bring your pets and tents, sit along the beach, light a campfire and enjoy the river beneath the mountain Boise.

When it comes to utilities, at your disposal will be electricity, portable toilet, and water; that's it. Some people might find this lacking (no WiFI, showers, etc.), but it all depends on your idea of what camping is. Sawtooth Soul is suitable for all range of activities, from biking and hiking to fishing and rafting. Base price is $50 (for two persons, $25 for additional person).


  1. Farragut State Park

Once one of the world's largest naval training camp, now a desirable place for campers, the Farragut State Park is the perfect place for campers. Located 30 miles North of the Coeur d'Alene, this 4000 acre park offers its visitors a great variety of activities, mainly water-related activities, since the park lays on the shores of Lake Pend Oreille, Idaho's largest lake. Boats and RV's are allowed but in designated areas.

The park has several campgrounds that offer different conditions, and it is advisable that you research and select according to your tastes. Check TripAdvisor or HipCamp for more information about the variety of prices and activities. According to most of the reviews, you can't go wrong with this place, due to its breathtaking and unsullied nature.


  1. Elk Creek Campground

Elk Creek is located in Sawtooth National Forest, approximately 8 miles off the State Highway 21. It is a small campground, having one group sites that consist of 3 smaller sites (. When it comes to facilities, only vault toilets are provided, so you will have to bring almost everything with you.

Elk Creek is in the forest, so expect beautiful wildlife, flowers, lodge pole pines. The campground is excellent for biking and hiking (having somewhere around 750 miles of track). You can also visit the Elk Meadow, though you have to make sure to bring some cash with you since it is quite expensive. However, anyone, who attended claim it was worth the price. There are also a lot of water-related activities, such as fishing, kayaking, water skiing, etc.

Prices may vary from $30 to $50 per day, depending on additional options you chose. Also, you are allowed one RV and one vehicle, but no boats and trailers are permitted on site.


  1. Hot Springs

Settled in the Garden Valley (alongside the Banks-Lowman Highway), Hot Springs campsite has three group sites (first two can accommodate 200 people each, third 50 people. Sites have picnic tables, grills, trash collection, campfire circles, benches, drinking water, vault toilets; it is a real camping paradise. When it comes to activities, Hot Springs mainly provide fishing, rafting, and kayaking.

More importantly, you can enjoy and soak in the hot spring pool in the Wildlife Canyon Scenic Byway. The area is also excellent for exploring, is full of wildlife and has several amazing biking trails. The downside of Hot Springs is its proximity to the highway, so expect some noise.

Furthermore, it is a favorite place, and the campsite may get overcrowded. Pricing is pretty expensing, costing approximately $106. When it comes to RV's and trailers, they must be parked at paved parking. If you can afford it, Hot Springs should be on your list, and its unique collection of several hot spring pools that provide its customers perfect relaxation ambient.

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